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Poway Elite is a youth wrestling program located in San Diego, CA. Our team travels throughout the United States and strives to be the best team in all areas. Along with an ability to perform at a higher level, the Poway Elite coaching staff stresses work ethic, conduct, and life lessons such as community service. Athletes are taught the true meaning of student athlete and are expected to uphold the highest moral standards on and off the mat. These lessons are meant to carry over long after competition years end.

Poway Elite practices are designed with the purpose of improving wrestling skills in folkstyle, freestyle and greco roman. Proper and precise technique is taught to eliminate bad habits. In addition, coaches work to teach a relentless attack and response to key situations in wrestling.


Practices are filled with motivated kids fueled by a unique work ethic. This desire becomes contagious among kids dedicated to achieving success at a higher level. Our practice room is filled with only serious competitors willing to do what it takes to reach their highest level of potential. We are a program with high standards in all areas of wrestling and life. 


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